Asia's Business Event Expert.

We provide business executives with tailored B2B trade shows, practical conferences, large-scale events, topical seminars, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technological developments, and the regulatory landscape. Escom Events conferences are market-leading "must-attend" events for their respective industries.
All our events are designed for cooperate vendors to reach their prospects and explore new business opportunities at our "One Stop Shop" Summit. We bring together the government authorities and investors, developers, operators, and all other types of stakeholders in a common platform to conduct a 2-3 days exclusive workshop on each specific industry. The event programs address the most pressing industry strategic topics and give answers to concrete issues and even technical perspectives.
Our events are presented in both physical and virtual ways. Escom conducts 20+ conferences in Asia annually while we also deliver tailored bespoke events including webinars, online promotion, product launch, integrated event marketing. We are also one of the pioneers in Asia as a turnkey webinar services provider.

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    Industry Conferences, Summits, Exhibitions & Forums.

    As one of the largest B2B Conference Organizers in Asia, Escom Events possess 9 event brands that covers 10+ Asia countries. We do large-scale conferences usually range from 200-1000 attendees per event. All of our conferences are industry-focused and it is limited only to senior-level business executives and government officials. Through years of development, Escom Events had worked with 50%+ of all the global top 500 companies for the participation, sponsorship, partnership or co-organizing of those events. We also work very tightly with government bodies, investment promotion agencies, investors and state-owned enterprises in Asia and we see ourselves as the hub to promote innovations, forge partnerships, bridge cross border investment and establish business cooperations.
    Our Event Brands

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    Bespoke B2B Event Marketing Services.

    We are a contractor for enterprise who want to do their own B2B events, such as product promotion events, partner or dealer conference, product launch event, client annual party. We start by discussing the core purpose of our client events and from there, we build experiences that are rooted in intention and measurable impact. We like to surprise and delight attendees while providing phenomenal predictive service to our client teams. Recently we have served 100+ global companies and successfully helped them to promote its brand and products to their potential markets and potential clients in Asia.
    More About Bespoke Events

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    Bespoke Webinar Services.

    In response to the covid19 and social distancing challenge, business pioneers are quickly transferring to a cloud-based digitalized conference mode, which turns out to be a safe, cost-effective and refreshing way to stay connected with your existing clients, approach the potential clients and do effective content marketing to the targeted niche market.
    As one of the webinar pioneers for business conferences in Asia, Escom Events has a professional team with a full pack of integrated services that allow you to harvest more qualified sales leads and push the right content to the right targeted audience through cloud. We help you to produce engaging, results-assured online events using Escom’s proven methodology and best practices that have helped a variety of organizations deliver high-performing, high-impact online events, something that meets your business goals, and exceeds your expectations.

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    Events & Market Entry Consulting.

    In today’s world of increased economic connectedness and a steady lowering of trade barriers across countries, enterprises are constantly seeking to replicate their success in newer geographies. However, each country’s market is unique in its underlying economic, demographic, cultural, business etiquette and regulatory factors.
    By hosting 100+ B2B events and our connection with 100,000+ Senior business leaders in Southeast Asia and China, Escom has a good understanding the way a market operates and we are able to identify the key players, map the policy and regulatory agenda, find an appropriate partner, help you mitigate political risks and protect your assets.
    Our new market entry consulting services harness all of Escom Events Advisory’s insight, analysis, security and operational consulting experience to help our clients enter emerging and frontier markets in Southeast Asia with confidence.