Our Clients

I do enjoy the effort of the organizer; they always try to introduce the participants with the sponsors so we can get good networking.
- Albeta Sukses Mandri
It was a pleasure from our side to be there and thank you so much that your team decide to invite us to be there. In my opinion that you and your team have make a great job to organize this summit. I wish you and your team a great success for tomorrow 
- PT. Moedjito Dwidjosiswojo
I want to say thank you again for inviting Omni Hospitals at the summit. Of course Escom and you as the conference producer has done a very good job.
- Omni Hospitals
Enjoyed the summit: great venue and learned alot! amendment: just make it more fun and enjoyable.
- Siloam Hospitals International
I joined this summit by promotion of Escom who gave me VIP passes, I am excited that I can attend this summit and met a lot of business players in healthcare sector. I hope will get another chance to get other passes in near summits.
- RS.Antam Medika
Good initiative to make forum where government, business leaders, market analysis meets, inspired and enlarged over insight.
- Kyoai Medical Services
Good event please send the pictures to me and I will write a report page on blog.awalbros.com
- Awal Bros
Great event, with inspiring speakers and a nice venue.   
- Tourism Solutions International
Great event, great speakers, great organizer!! Thank you!   
- Sahid International Managament & Consultant
Very Interesting event, so happy to attend this event, congrats. Share me for more information about future events!
- RS Antam Medika
It is my pleasure can be invited by Escom. I expanded my network and learnt a lot from this summit. I hope you can invite me again for your future events.
Perumahan Solo Baru
Very stimulating and innovative organizing committee, keep up with the good work!
- KPJ Healthcare
The overall seminar is very interesting and I hope next time I can contribute as a speaker.
- Qpro
Pleasure to come this summit, I suggest some competence speakers for next speakers like Siloam Hospital (current), Samsay Group, Pondok Indha, Eka Hospital, MMC and Medistra. they are good speakrrs to share their good experiences on their development. Thank you!
- Antammedika Hospital
I really enjoyed the event, thumb up for the organizer, thanks a lot!
- Garuda Indonesia

Thank you so much for convincing us and we got a excellent return on investment from attending this summit, we have managed to meet most of our potential clients in southeast Asia market at this summit, and the organizer have arranged a lot of business meetings for us. Our product demonstration were very succeussful and we got some positive response from the attendees. we definitely are looking forward to attending the summit again.
- Tanzone

It was good chance to improve knowledge and networking, quite varies aspects discussed and presented during the summit which added to my knowledge as an architect. Thank 
- Penta Rekayasa
- Taisei Corporation

Thank you very much for your efforts for mobilizing speakers (excellent ones) sponsors and participants, hope this series event is going even better in next edition!
- PT Angkasa Pura 2
Some of the key benefits I got from the summit: 1) Biz Opportunities; 2) Networking; 3)Insight on Government masterplanning, market demand VS suplly related to airport business.
- GInvestindo
Great Event, Interesting topic, great speakers, I have enjoyed the event, thank you!
- PT GMF AeroAsia
I am happy that I have learnt and meet with specialists.
- Angkasa Pura Airports
Very good event, please do come again next year and hopefully with more specific and more thoughtful topics.
- Angkasa Pura Supports
Small scale, big effort, nice approach, good support in general, keep going, health & luck!
- Mühlbauer Group
The summit is very interesting and could broaden my views about what matters in the region along with future prospect. Interesting & Fruitful knowledge sharing among experts. We were Inspired and opened my point of view. Nice sharing, good networking. 
- Astra Daihatsu Motor 
There were some well selected topics and speakers
- KPMG Advisory Indonesia
Excellent programs with excellent participants&speakers
- Astra Otoparts
Very interesting and well-organized event
- Applus IDIADA
Nice event and more knowledge can get from it. Thank you very much! See you next time.
- Nissan Technical Center Southeast Asia
This was a well run event and we made some very good contacts.
A very good learning experience. Good information delivered along the session. Good organizer & location
- General Motors
Good organization; interesting participants; Overall I am very satisfied.
- PT. DURR Systems Indonesia

A well-organized summit meeting, special thanks for your help in contacting with some delegates
The summit was great, we got what we really need, especially for airport development in Indonesia.
-Taisei Corporation
Escom organized the event very professional and  has invited a good host for the conference
I learned a lot from airport perspective as well technical detail on airport operational system. This is very useful for me as we need this knowledge to expand our business.
This summit give us broad perspectives to know better about airport industry from most of the stakeholders involved.
-PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) TBK
I got a lot of valuable information and insights regarding airport business through this summit.
-PT Mitra Incheon Indonesia
Excellent…Make us want to change old airport to be modern airport
Escom continue to be excellent with their airport summit in Jakarta
An overall satisfying experience, interesting insider information and view, looking forward to next summit
-Pair Desgin Studio
A very important must-attend event with important delegates.
-Fuji Technica Indonesia
Informative conference which provides cross-region insight and good networking platform for automotive players.
Summit is related to technology in automotive, fantastic presentations.
-Mazda Motor Indonesia
Great event to show latest automotive technology.
-Astra Honda Motor
Great speakers and , looking forward to the next event.
-Astra Daihatsu Motor
Great event! So many new knowledge!
-Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia
Very well organized event, the Escom team was very helpful and provided wonderful support, thank you.
The summit has been educative and brought good speakers together 
- Krisfin software
This event has very great knowledge & speakers. Please invite me for the next event. Thank you.
-PT.Telkom Indonesia
Thank you, I saw and got the development of banking technology
I’m very satisfied with the event organizer of escom(PT.Bank ICBC
All the supports were excellent. Focused, right to the spot !
It’s great for me to learn from experts and other delegates about digitalizing the business to digital.
A great opportunity to network with peers in the financial industry, some particularly interesting and informative presentation.
-Check Point
Thank you to escom for hosting the summit, It gives good insight on the banking landscape and trends.
Well structured and high local content with quality speakers.

Good event & organized well.
Thank you all for your support . Thank you very much for arranging meeting with retail customers for us. 
-PT Glory Global Solutions Indonesia
Nice venue, quality of people attend and opportunity to meet quality people. 
-PT. Panasonic Globel Indonesia
The organizer was accommodating and facilitated the event well. Hoping for a large event next year. 
-Exist Software
Great attendance by major retailer of Indonesia and the region. Looking forward to the next edition.
Well organized event, from preparation through the end. Good contents of presentation for speakers, hope I can join next session. 
-Angkasa Pura Retail
Angela Wei & Nadia were of excellent help. Our experience overall with the event was fantastic. Keep up the good work , looking forward to see you again. 
-Intellect Commerce
The follow up of the event operation is very good. 
-PT.Emporium Indonesia


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