Your Challenges in Events Promotions & Sales

If you are a professional conference organizer or industry Association, you must be facing a lot of issues in promoting your event for financial support or sponsorships as event sales is quite labor-intensive for a short period of time. The wise approach is to Maximize your staff potential for year-round projects by engaging specialized experts with proven results for this brief stage. By outsourcing this sales responsibility, you can focus on the content and/or logistics of your meeting.


How can Escom Help

Our specialized expertise in sales and management of exhibits and sponsorships allows you to maximize revenue while limiting staff time, overhead and costs.Escom wish to contribute to the success of your event by offering comprehensive sales outsourcing solutions, we have extraordinary sales people and a wealth of experience in the events and exhibitions industry. If you have a need to increase your incoming revenue, fill gaps in staff shortages or reach set targets do give us a call. We have experienced sales professionals with varied backgrounds and industry contacts in the public and private sector. We can work on a retainer basis or a commission only basis where you pay for what we deliver.

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